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Worldwide, high-temperature metallurgical processes must be electrified in the coming years to reduce CO2 emissions.

At the same time, the EU intends to become more self-reliant on raw materials and specifically on the critical and strategical raw materials needed for the energy transition, economy and defence.


Lack of trial facilities is a major constraint in the transition towards electrification of pyrometallurgical processes in for example the steel and cement industry. Due to the lack of trial facilities, the speed of technology development is not sufficient for the required speed of transition.

Butter Bridge seeks to contribute actively and as an independent party to accelerating these transitions by accommodate pre-commercial scale continuous campaigns to test the full range of process parameters and furnace designs, actually mitigate operational risk, and integrate a range of process steps and raw materials.


By offering independent test facilities, trials, and knowledge, feasibility of processes are to be demonstrated, de-risking billions in investments, subsidies and tax money and making projects more profitable

“The independent trial facility”


Our Focus

This facility will play a leading role in the development of large-scale electrification of pyrometallurgical processes with a focus on:

Butter Bridge Team

Butter Bridge brings together a complimentary skillset across general management, metallurgy, minerals processing, project management, energy, commerce, trade, logistics and international commodity markets.


The team has more than 95 years of experience in these fields with detailed knowledge in design, startup and optimization of electrical furnaces and treatment of residues.


With the experience and vast worldwide network, Butter Bridge has a complete overview of the different markets and technological developments.


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Butter Bridge Supporting Green Steel Transition